Hay St Collaroy

The Hay St Project consisted of extending the front concrete deck and installing a curved roof over the top. In front of the deck, structural steel beams support a slow S shaped concrete awning.

The glass lift shaft with hydraulic lift was designed and installed to allow wheelchair access to both ground and first floor. Structural support was added to an existing concrete slab so that the lift shaft could be cut through the slab.

Internally on the first floor, load bearing walls were removed to provide an open plan living, dining and kitchen area which fully opens onto the beautiful north facing views. The existing bathroom was extended and newly renovated, a new office was designed and air conditioning was installed.

All the existing windows and doors were replaced with double glazing for better thermal and acoustic qualities.
The concrete deck to the rear and the roof were also extended. All upper level handrails were replaced with glass and stainless steel.

Some lower level walls were modified so that the garage could be extended and a new bathroom, laundry and outside deck were built.

New American oak floors were laid throughout, and subfloor mechanical ventilation was installed to provide better circulation under the house.

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